The DuraSteel™ Helical Foundation System


For decades, Clesi has been using Steel Helical Piers to construct industrial foundations for hospitals, museums, universities and refineries.

Your home can benefit from this industrial technology. That’s why we developed our DuraSteel™ Helical Foundation System—the first hybrid steel helical pier and segmented concrete pile system for residential use.

Since steel helical piers are augured instead of pushed like blocks, they travel much deeper into denser earth and are many times stronger. We place these steel helical piles under strategic locations in your foundation, giving you the ideal combination of strength and longevity in a foundation that will
last for generations.

Key features of the DuraSteel™ Helical Foundation System include:

  • Industrial-strength Steel Helical Piers: Since steel helical piers are hydraulically screwed into the ground instead of pushed like blocks, they travel much deeper into denser soils—enabling them to support much higher loads for much longer periods of time.
  • Segmented Concrete Block Piles: We carefully level each block prior to pushing to minimize the risk of crooked piles which weaken foundations.
  • Continuous Concrete Footing: We construct the industry’s largest 30” x 15” continuous concrete footing, which is reinforced with steel bars. Our footings are constructed around the perimeter and under the interior grade beams, binding together the piles and piers into a solid foundation system.
  • 16” Wide Solid Concrete Piers: We carefully construct 16” wide solid concrete piers that are two times wider and stronger than 8” blocks used by most other companies. They are carefully constructed with mortar between every block to level and cushion the blocks, providing a strong, stable and long-lasting pier.